Monday, September 17, 2012

OotD: Drip Drip Drop Little April Showers‏

Remember the Disney movie Bambi?  That one song about april showers is a cute song
Even though it's not April (der!) it can still rain.  So, here's my rain-appropriate apparel.
 Turquoise Trenchcoat - Target
Black Leggings - Kmart
Pink Paisley Wellies - Target 
Blue Umbrella - ShopKo
(The Umbrella Mushroom picture was inspired by Disney's Fantasia movie clip.  The one where the mushrooms jump and dance about!  Remember??) 

Back To School Shoes 2012 Haul

Target, target, target...  We will be best friends forever.  Seriously.

I got 4 pairs of shoes of different variety/color, and a very handy and sturdy bag, along with a unique coin pouch.
My favorite pair are the mint tassel flats ($20) followed by the navy topsiders ($20).
I love the brown satchel bag ($25) and the owl coin pouch ($8) because they'll be very helpful for school and such.
The red sneakers are always a staple ($12) and the hot pink tassel flats were on sale ($10).

I've needed new shoes for a very long time and Target has not failed me yet in their shoe selections.

Have you gone Back To School Shoe Shopping yet?  It's time to do so!  (Even if you've already started school!)

Unique (Regular) Braid

One day I decided to braid my hair to the side.

I also decided to separate the three strands UNEVENLY.  

I had two smaller sections, and one bigger one.  

I loosely (and lazily) braided my hair, and secured it with an elastic.  

It looks WAY more interesting doesn't it?  I'm going to do this to my side braid hairstyles like this from now on.

Looking for easy 1 minute hairstyles since we're all back in school?  This would be one of them.