Friday, November 9, 2012

Chic Week Review (Halloween - BLIZZARD!)

October was wonderful!  Before Halloween, I went out and bought some decorations and DIY craft supplies.  Halloween night, (I went as a zombie), a couple friends and I went Halloween Hopping (we hit like 5-6 different parties!  Best ever!) 

Then today, November 9th, I had to say g'bye to autumn because my town got a full blizzard of snow.  Gypsy was very intrigued.  But what made it okay was that I got a box of Milk Chocolate Dove Truffles from one of my Australian friends.  I also took an OotD picture of this random girl who had on SUCH a cute outfit!  (See below.)
(click to enlarge)
What was your week like?  Comment below!