Friday, November 9, 2012

Chic Week Review (Halloween - BLIZZARD!)

October was wonderful!  Before Halloween, I went out and bought some decorations and DIY craft supplies.  Halloween night, (I went as a zombie), a couple friends and I went Halloween Hopping (we hit like 5-6 different parties!  Best ever!) 

Then today, November 9th, I had to say g'bye to autumn because my town got a full blizzard of snow.  Gypsy was very intrigued.  But what made it okay was that I got a box of Milk Chocolate Dove Truffles from one of my Australian friends.  I also took an OotD picture of this random girl who had on SUCH a cute outfit!  (See below.)
(click to enlarge)
What was your week like?  Comment below!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

OotD: India Inspired

Would you believe this top is from RiteAid?!?  Yah.  This one-of-a-kind feminine, summery top was purchased at RiteAid!  
Peach Top (from India) - RiteAid
Green Caprees - Walmart
Elephant Necklace - Gardner Village
Mood Ring - Amusement Park
Turquoise Stone Ring - Charlotte Russe

DIY Crafts

My mom is a great teacher, and she has so many awesome crafts and fabrics.  This summer, she let me dig through her stuff and take whatever I liked.  :)  I'm going to be making brooches, pins, hair clips, and whatever else during this Fall semester.  I've always wanted to make my own unique accessories and now I get to do it. :)  WOOT!  
There are sooo many options and combinations I can use and I can't wait!  I've already searched for DIY pictures, and have a small collection of ideas to use for when I start (which will be soon!!)

Of course, Gypsy had to be apart of the picture.  She's a diva at heart.  haha 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Affordable Gym Shoes

I went to Kmart. YES Kmart and bought a pair of narrow black workout shoes for less than $30.  If you can see in the picture above, there is extra cushioning for my heals and the shoes themselves are lightweight, easy to walk/run/jog in, and very comfortable.  (I always wear socks).

My older brother gave me my birthday present a month early.  He bought my own membership to a private Personal Fitness gym and he and I work out there often.  

The gym is absolutely awesome!  The walls and beams are decorated, there are mirrors everywhere, there are locker rooms, bathrooms, fans in the ceiling corners, great air conditioning, multiple different treadmills (MY FAVS!), all sorts of weights and other exercise machines.  The owner Jeff is very helpful and provides several different membership plans.  I'm so grateful for this present "thank you brother!" and am working on getting fit as much as possible before large amounts of homework begins.  

Do you have a gym membership?  Do you prefer running on the treadmill, or running outside?  

Monday, September 17, 2012

OotD: Drip Drip Drop Little April Showers‏

Remember the Disney movie Bambi?  That one song about april showers is a cute song
Even though it's not April (der!) it can still rain.  So, here's my rain-appropriate apparel.
 Turquoise Trenchcoat - Target
Black Leggings - Kmart
Pink Paisley Wellies - Target 
Blue Umbrella - ShopKo
(The Umbrella Mushroom picture was inspired by Disney's Fantasia movie clip.  The one where the mushrooms jump and dance about!  Remember??) 

Back To School Shoes 2012 Haul

Target, target, target...  We will be best friends forever.  Seriously.

I got 4 pairs of shoes of different variety/color, and a very handy and sturdy bag, along with a unique coin pouch.
My favorite pair are the mint tassel flats ($20) followed by the navy topsiders ($20).
I love the brown satchel bag ($25) and the owl coin pouch ($8) because they'll be very helpful for school and such.
The red sneakers are always a staple ($12) and the hot pink tassel flats were on sale ($10).

I've needed new shoes for a very long time and Target has not failed me yet in their shoe selections.

Have you gone Back To School Shoe Shopping yet?  It's time to do so!  (Even if you've already started school!)

Unique (Regular) Braid

One day I decided to braid my hair to the side.

I also decided to separate the three strands UNEVENLY.  

I had two smaller sections, and one bigger one.  

I loosely (and lazily) braided my hair, and secured it with an elastic.  

It looks WAY more interesting doesn't it?  I'm going to do this to my side braid hairstyles like this from now on.

Looking for easy 1 minute hairstyles since we're all back in school?  This would be one of them.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back To School 2012

Tomorrow I start college again!  I bought a macbook pro last week, so NOW I can easily upload blog posts on a regular basis and possibly get more Lovely Duckling followers.  :)
Stay tuned!  This new semester will be a great one!

Monday, June 25, 2012

OotD: Tie Dye- "More Than Just A Crush"

Yellow V-Neck from Charlotte Russe
Yellow Jacket from Aeropostale
Splattered Jeans from Walmart (Miley Cyrus for Max Azria)
Sunglasses found between couch cushions in a random apt. I was visiting out of state. 

No joke.
Flats from Target.

I really liked this look because it just goes together because of the similar print. Plus, the outfit includes all the basic colors of Summer! (yellow, orange, blue, white)

What do you think of this outfit?  Would you try it?  Is it your style?


I've just received 2 more blog awards and would like to first thank the lovely Jenn Flynn from "Wish You Were Here" at  She has given me the "One Lovely Blog" award.  Thank you!
And the second award is the "Liebster Blog" award from the lovely Becca from "Looks And Books With Becca" at  Thank you!
(Since the rules for both awards are so very similar, I'm mixing them up together for an Award Duo post.)
The Rules:
Link back to who nominated you.  CHECK.
Create own questions for your nominations of the Liebster award.  CHECK.
Write (several) random facts about yourself.   CHECK.
Answer the questions for the Liebster award from Becca.   CHECK.
Nominate & notify (several) Bloggers.   CHECK!

Random Facts About Myself:
1. I folk dance!
2. I have a twin brother, 2 mins younger than me. HAHA!
3. Photography is an unofficial hobby of mine.
4. I am in love with Clinique's Acne Solutions System. It's doing miraculous things on my face (aka it's working!)
5. I played the violin from 3rd-12th grade. But I'm not amazing because I wasn't fully devoted.  
6. I am 5'9" (1.75 m) tall.  But growing up, I had wanted to be 6 foot so I could beat the boys in Basketball. 
7. I love Italian food and Chinese food.
8. I enjoy taking pictures of celebrities with their loving fans after local concerts. 
9. I know 3.5 yrs of American Sign Language.
10. My cat has 7 toes on her front paws. I can post a picture to prove it, if need be. 
11. I sing hardcore and you can hear some of my old stuff (2-4 yrs old recordings) at

Liebster Award- Becca's Questions
1. Sephora or Ulta?  -Never been to Ulta, will have to say Sephora.
2. Liquid, gel, or pencil liner?  -Both liquid and pencil liners.
3. How much time do you spend blogging per day?  -For 3 posts, probably 15 minutes. (I'm fast!)
4. Bright or light colors?  -Bright or pastel colors?  I'd say both if that's what you mean.
5. Curly, wavy, or straight hair?  -For summer, definitely wavy hair!
6. Do you have any pets?  -Yes.  4 cats and 5 house Mice. 
7. Do you text a lot?  -I used to.
8. Pinterest or Instagram?  -Pinterest!!!
9. What are the last 3 books you read?  -P.S. I Love YouMy Brother Michael, and Hansel & Gretel 
10. Natural or dramatic makeup?  -Always natural makeup.
11. What's your favorite color?  -Electric Blue!!  (and Peach)

For both One Lovely Blog & Liebster Nominations:
Sarah at 
Dilek at 
Madai at

Liebster Award Winner's Questions from Em's Eye Spy Beauty
1. Why do you enjoy blogging?
2. What is your favorite summer activity?
3. How tall are you?
4. Any fashion-embarrassing moments?
5. Makeup or clothes?
6. Who do you wish you could sing like?
7. When is your birthday?
8. What is your favorite candy?
9. Which Disney guy is your favorite?
10. What do you miss most right now?
11. What are you most grateful for today?

I'm so grateful for everyone's unique and impressive blogs!  We're all different and come from different places of the world, and this blogging community is so fun!  Enjoy your day!

Sunday, June 24, 2012


I am sooo sorry I haven't been around for a whole month.  (It seems much longer than that!)
Here's the thing: my computer is a piece of junk and it suddenly decided to not load the "New Post" page for my blog!  I was completely stuck, until today, my brother tried it just for kicks, and it loaded!!

So for now, everything is alright.  I will be blogging like crazy for the next month because of the blogs I've had saved and prepared for the day when my computer would be functioning again.  :)  Today's the day!

Start looking for tons of blog posts- scroll down to see the 4 new posts I put up today!!  :)

Summer Nights

During the warm summer months, we seem to focus on the hot days filled with tanning, swimming, trips with friends, and BBQs and although all of those are fun and entertaining, I also love love LOVE warm summer nights.  The perfect lighting and temperature make these nights gorgeous and calming.  I'm also reminded of Richard Marx's songs "Endless Summer Nights" and especially "Hold On To the Nights."  Here's the youtube link to that song: 

There are so many fun activities you can do in the summer evenings: like a fancy dinner, a hike, a late night movie, night time volleyball or frisbee, a bonfire with smores... there are so many fun things to do with friends or a certain someone.  :) 

What's In My Purse

Yellow Purse: From last year's carnival- bought at a tent -bags are handmade and one of a kind, for very cheap

Keys: you can guess what for.
Water Bottle: I love my Fiji bottle because it's the perfect size and it's a boxier-shape than other water bottles. 
Entertainer's Secret Spray: I sing all the time and this spray keeps my throat from getting dry and worn out.  Demi Lovato uses it too, just saying.
iPod: My baby with the songs I know and love.  There's still tons of space for movies, tv show clips, and more music.  :P
Wallet: Holds my Driver's License, college ID, Business cards... sometimes money.
Pens: For jotting anything down that I may need to.
Various Notebooks: Yellow one is for songwriting ideas and the Black & White is for immediate goal setting.
Pleasure Book: P.S. I Love You is my favorite book to read.  It's so amazing and has you entertained for all 400+ pages of it. 
Mini Lotion: I'm currently loving White Citrus from Bath and Body Works.  It's sometimes better than a mini perfume because it also moisturizes the skin.
Mini Hairspray: L'Oreal's Elnett is great not just for the product quality, but also for it's mini sizes. Great for the fastest touchups ever.
Hair Ties: Bright, fun, non-tearing bands are great for if I ever need to put my hair up and away from my face (which is almost daily)
Powder: I use Physician's Formula Mineral Wear Powder because it responds great to my skin and there's no way the lid will pop off and make a mess in my bag.
Hair Clip: This flower clip is my favorite to use because it's so versatile- look and color.
Powder Brush: Easy to keep in it's little lid compartment so as not to lose the shape of the brush.
LipGloss: Every girl should have their favorite lip color in their bag.  My current favorite is (surprisingly) Bonnebelle's lipLites in Cappuccino (a beautiful natural brown shade) -and no, I'm not a coffee-drinker. :)
Concealor: MAJOR important thing to keep in my bag.  Also very explanatory.
A Couple Lipsticks: Rimmel London's Kate collection lipstick in 014 and Mac's lipstick in Hue are great shades to keep in your bag for an every day use.

Got any blog posts about what's in YOUR purse?

DIY: Jeans Pillow

I went to Girl's Camp a few years ago, and one of my leaders had some extra jeans she was getting rid of and had the idea to make pillows out of them. 
She cut the legs off, and sewed them shut, leaving the top open.
She then had us put stuffing inside and sew the top shut.
I went home and sewed some fabric pieces and buttons to it, to add more personality and color.
I also sewed the top again with colored yarn.  I made it my own.
It was a really fun, VERY quick project and even though I don't have a step by step picture collage of how to do it, it's pretty explanatory and easy to do.  

Have fun!  Enjoy!  

Review: Fructis Curl Shaping Spray Gel

Price: $3
Packaging: Sturdy, simple bottle with easy spray top.
Texture/Consistency: Very longlasting, not too sticky, very holdable.  Honestly, spray gel is unrealistically amazing.  Kudos to the inventors.
Smell: Fresh, not too overpowering, can easily use perfume after use.
Pros: For these few months now, I have sprayed this on my air-dried hair and braided it differing sizes.  After a few hours (I sleep with it in but the waves are created between 3-4 hours minimum.)  It creates gorgeous, frizz-free waves perfect for this season.
Cons: The spray nozzle occasionally gets jammed/plugged and it's difficult to push the button down, but only sometimes.
Overall: 5/5
It's so easy!  I recommend this to everyone!  Plus there's so much product in the bottle, you can use it for at least 2 months if you use it daily, and for only $3!  A serious, and smart steal!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is today! :)  I'm so happy!  My mom is the type of person you'd imagine living in a gorgeous cottage with cats, in France.  Haha- so, here are some things I did for my mom: I wrote a mini message and taped it to her door, I gave her the blue fabric magnet (pictured above), an intense pink card, a scented candle called Soft Cotton Blanket, my brothers and I gave her breakfast in bed, and gave her flowers. What did you give your mom?  :) Happy Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

OotD- Pretty Pastels

Here is another OotD look!  I included my head this time! -I think I'm gonna start wearing sunglasses, cause I don't know what to do with my face... I'm still learning!  
But I thought this look was very Spring-Trend appropriate and even though the pictures are bad (and my face looks tired- which it is) I thought this outfit was worth posting.
Blazer- (old), Pink Ruffle Top- (Shop Ko), Pants- (JC Penny)

Shoes- (Sole Envy) -I hate showing my toes haha-
What are your thoughts?  How can I improve OotD posts?

Health- Meal Notebook

 I have a goal that for this summer, I will be very conscious and aware of what I put in my mouth.  Eating healthier is always a positive goal and I believe writing down the things I have eaten is a great way to improve one's daily diet.
Here is a picture of my very old, dirty, but still somewhat cute Meal Notebook I have used in the past.  (The page was written in 2010, but it was a good entry haha.)  I'm going to start writing in my meal notebook again and see how this summer goes for more healthier improvements. Join me?
(Click to Enlarge)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What's On My Desk

Here is what my desk looks like (or used to look like.  Right after taking these pictures, I rearranged it- haha maybe I'll post an update later in life) :)
I love setting desks, nightstands, shelves, etc.. up. It's just something I find satisfaction in.  :)  And it's a great place to work on dull homework assignments.
(Click to Enlarge)

 Left Side: Gotta love phones & lamps!             Middle: The zebra box holds my gum!

   Right Side: The box holds my post-its, flashcards, paper clips, and stapler.
What's on your desk?                    

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, there was a TV show called "Once Upon A Time."  Haha, I absolutely adore this show.  It's unique, amazing, intriguing, intense, mysterious... It's so captivating!  The finale is next week, and I'm SO excited to see how everything wraps up- or not.  I don't know if they'll have another season, but I know I want to get this show on dvd! :)

Is anyone else excited for the finale?  What are your thoughts/theories??

My First Blog Nomination!

What?!  Already?  What joy!-this is incredible.  I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Andrea from Cutely-Whimsical!  :)  Thank you Andrea!  This award is for new-ish bloggers who have under 200 Followers- or in my case: under 200 Lovely Ducklings.
Now- here are my top 5 nominations:

Rose Petal Beauty
-Her blog is adorable, chic, and lovely.  Her posts are practically perfect in every way!

I Want These Shoes
-This girl has great blog-post ideas, and always has something new to show us. It's great and girly!

-Sheyla has the most amazing, unique, and original style.  Her OotD's are SO cool!

-For anyone going to college (like myself), you'll love this blog!  It's different, informative and fun!

-Alicia's fashion is perky, fun, intriguing, and girly!  LOVE this girl's sense of fashion!

Go check these ladies out!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Outfit Of The Day- Animal Print

This is my first outfit of the day!  I hope I'm doing this right... 
I love this look because it is effortless, sophisticated and unique- but safe.
(Click to Enlarge)
Leopard/Giraffe Print Tank- Charlotte Russe, Thin Beige Cardigan- forgot, 
Dark Denim Jeans- JC Penny
Brown Fringe Bag- Kohl's (braided fringe myself), Brown Cuff- forgot, 
Silver Rustic Ring- Charlotte Russe
 Light Blue Denim Sneakers- K-Mart

For more future OotD posts, I'll try to remember where the items came from!
What do you think of this first OotD post? :)

It's One of Those Weeks...

Mother Nature's monthly gifts aren't fun, wanted, or convenient.  It's a pain and just overall bothersome.  But during this uncomfortable 4-7 days, I think some pampering and comfort for ourselves is what makes these days bearable.  Here are some things that are helpful for us girls!
(Click to Enlarge)
Pillows- I LOVE my big electric blue fluffy pillow
Blankets- cotton blankets and electric-heat blankets are very comfortable.
Pets- My baby Gypsy is the cutest thing!  Just look at her!  Awhh. :)
Cute Mugs- to drink applejuice
Soup- w/ crackers calms the stomach 
Heavy Duty Lip Balm Treatment- (my lips suffer during this week)
Ibuprofen- (pain-relievers in general)
Treats!- I got this 75% off chocolate Easter bunny a few days ago and am saving it for this occasion- which will be soon.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

10 Unique Things I Have

This is stuff that most girls probably don't have.  :)  Read on! (The spider story is insane!)
Tulip Lamp: It's gorgeous, feminine and has a powerful lightbulb- holy shmoly!
Indian Horse: I got this at age 8, when I was traveling with my family, and we got it in Nebraska.
Yoda Lunchbox: Yes. My H.S. Orch. teacher used some Yoda-sayings during the year, I gave him some Yoda things, and my mom (bless her heart!) got me the same lunchbox for my birthday.  Awesome sauce!
Candle Lamp Shade Holder- It's so cute, fun, unexpected, and the lamp shade is the best feature.
Piano Phone- YES!  It really works!  The keys play different notes!  I personally LOVE my piano phone!  
Penguin Thingy- It sits by my bathroom sink.  I got it from a friend.  It's cute.  haha
Treble Clef Pencil- It's hard to use the eraser, but the pencil itself is fun and reflects my love of music!
Glass Giraffe figure- My twin bro got this for me.  I think it's cute too.
Floral Tea Set- My aunt gave this to me forever ago.  It's so girly, cute, and reminds me of her. :)

Spider Gem/Peacock Box (present packaging)- 
STORY:   In 10th grade, my biology project was to make a huge bug collection. While looking for bugs one night, I saw a huge, long, creepy shadow moving across the sidewalk.  I looked closer, and found it was an enormous black widow.  The abdomen was shiny, so I knew it was poisonous.  My bro caught it in a jar for me.  It made a web overnight and the next morning, we saw her stomach and my guess was confirmed: It was a massive black widow.

I decided to keep it as a "pet" and I named her BIG MAMA.  I actually adored her, but never opened the jar (bros fed her outside, not me) but while in her jar, I loved looking at her, watching her fiddle with her web, or with her feet... She was really gorgeous and truly massive- beyond giant.

I brought her to my biology teacher soon after and he told me how insanely rare Big Mama's size was.  He was impressed that I found her, and if I remember right, he gave me extra credit.  Long story short, Big Mama eventually died.  My mom got me this beautiful spider gem (a bit smaller than Big Mama) in remembrance of Big Mama and the temporary fun we had together.  <3 ya Big Mama!

Disclaimer: I HATE spiders, and I have a special shoe with the only purpose of squashing them.  But Big Mama, (who'd have thought?!) was actually sooo interesting, I liked watching her, and kept her even though she was sooo dangerous and creepy looking.  I was crazy in 10th grade, okay?  :) But the story is awesome!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

20 April Fave-ies!!

This month, I have favored quite a lot of diverse things!  Clothes, products, accessories, entertainment... There's a lot here that I have just loved and probably will love for a very long time!  Lookie-                              
                                        (Click to Enlarge)
Brown Bag- Fav bag of the moment!  Unique, and has fringe that I braided!
Titanic CD- The music is amazing and makes the movie even more so!
Pink Chiffon Lotion- I've favored this lotion at night before bed for a while.  Smells amazing!
Green Sparkle Lamp- Got years ago on birthday, beautiful shimmer and lighting on the walls! So pretty!
Denim Top- This kind of shirt looks good on me, I need to find some more looks!
Fructis Curl Shaping Spray Gel- Made the best mermaid/Miley Cyrus waves EVER!
Wet n Wild Nail Polish "Blazed"- Fast drying, amazing color, perfect for summer- I'm hooked!
Taylor Swift CD "Speak Now"- Taylor's voice is sweet, the music is awesome, what's not to love?
Rimmel London Kate Lipstick- All their lipsticks are amazing- highly pigmented and tons of colors!
Pearl/Chain Floral Necklace- Cute, feminine, short (and doesn't swing around you).  Fav accessory!
Easter Basket- Easter was great this year!  Loved the candy and the egg hunts!
Book: P.S. I Love You- So sad, but so amazingly written- I'm a fan of Cecelia Ahern.
Cat Gypsy- She's my baby! She lives in my room every night & morning!  I brush her all the time- it's love!
Blogger: Atlantic-Pacific- Her style is amazing, fab, modest, and colorful.  It's the style I love most!
Sonny With a Chance- Demi had some hilarious moments on that TV Show. Loved her! 
Princess Diaries 1 & 2- Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews- perfect duo for 2 amazing chick flicks!
Josh Groban CD "Awake"- His voice is like none other. This CD is a hardcore fav of mine. 
Peach/Tangerine/Mango Lotions- I'm attracted to these scents, colors, and fruits. Soooo good for summer!
Crepes with Apple Butter- My family makes phenomenal crepes!  Best family/French recipe!
End of College Semester- Who doesn't love finishing up classes/finals and start planning summer fun?  :) 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Beauty Musthaves for: Photoshoots!!

I just had a photoshoot this week (5 hrs!) with a friend.  :)
Whether for senior pictures, a family's wedding, or even just for fun, all photoshoots require these beauty items:
  1. Primer/Foundaton: Smashbox Photo Finish Light Primer & Revlon ColorStay (Combination/Oily Skin) Foundation are the perfect face duo!  For 5 hours, my face didn't get oily or shiny.  It stayed in place.  
  2. Needed Hair Products: To keep hairstyle vibrant and perky, bring hairspray, gel, etc... for those few second touchups.  It makes a difference.
  3. 2-3 Lipsticks: Bring a couple lip colors you like to test what they'll look like from the camera's lighting.  You'll be thankful you did.
  4. Eyeshadow Primer: Urban Decay's in Sin is what I use and it prevents all oily creases. The eyeshadow stays bold and beautiful for hours because of this amazing primer.  Seriously.
  5. Concealor/Powder: No brainer- bring concealor and powder (maybe even blush) for emergency touchups.

    We used my Canon PowerShot SX30 camera.  It was fun and the editing polished it all!  :)  Here are a few shots-   
    (Click to Enlarge)

Spring/Summer Beauty Musthaves 2012

Everyone should know the basic beauty musthaves, so I've included some extra products to enjoy during our sun-filled activities!
  • SPF Sunscreen- Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 100+ is the ultimate epic sunscreen!  It's perfect for my sensitive skin.
  • Silver Eyeshadow- I love NYX's Smokey 10 Eye Palette.  Every color is highly pigmented and there are multiple shades of silver to use.  Silver is an overall gorgeous color and under the sun, it'll look amazing!

  • Coral Nail Polish- This color on your nails will compliment all skin tones, and make you feel like a beauty summer goddess!  -or at least happier (haha)

  • Beachy Hair Waves Enhancers- There are so many options here.  I like Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Hairspray, Fructis Curl Shaping Spray Gel, Sunsilk Waves of Envy Sea Mist, Aussie Sprunch Catch the Wave Hairspray...  Beachy waves are the best summer hairstyles.  :)

  • Coconut Mango Body Lotion from Bath and Body Works- Leaves skin/legs so soft and moisturized!  It smells amazing and can leave your legs smooth for 2 days without reapplication!  It's great!

  • Shavers/Shave Gel- Skintimate Moisturizing Shave Gel in Luscious Kiwi Splash makes shaving so easy and safe!  You'll rarely cut yourself and the gel smells amazing!  Having summery smelling products just make Summer 10X better!

  • Self Tanner- To keep everything balanced and even, self tanner never hurt for help and touchups.  :)

  • Moisturizing SPF Lipbalm- I love Softlips in Raspberry SPF 20.  It's yummy, heavenly, and keep lips looking smooth!  Definite must for Summer!

  • Tinted Moisturizers- For some coverup, use a pea-size amount tinted moisturizer.  I use Physician's Formula Healthy Wear SPF 50.  

  • Vaseline- Ya never know!  If your swimsuit is cutting into your skin, rub some vaseline and it'll calm the pain!  It's really helpful!

  • Deodorant- Because of all the other sweet smelling summer beauty products, I'd go with a Sheer Clean scented deodorant.  That's just my opinion. :)  

  • Waterproof Mascara- L'Oreal's Voluminous Mascara.  I accidentally bought the waterproof one, and the mascara is phenomenal!  It stays on in water like none-other!!