Wednesday, May 2, 2012

10 Unique Things I Have

This is stuff that most girls probably don't have.  :)  Read on! (The spider story is insane!)
Tulip Lamp: It's gorgeous, feminine and has a powerful lightbulb- holy shmoly!
Indian Horse: I got this at age 8, when I was traveling with my family, and we got it in Nebraska.
Yoda Lunchbox: Yes. My H.S. Orch. teacher used some Yoda-sayings during the year, I gave him some Yoda things, and my mom (bless her heart!) got me the same lunchbox for my birthday.  Awesome sauce!
Candle Lamp Shade Holder- It's so cute, fun, unexpected, and the lamp shade is the best feature.
Piano Phone- YES!  It really works!  The keys play different notes!  I personally LOVE my piano phone!  
Penguin Thingy- It sits by my bathroom sink.  I got it from a friend.  It's cute.  haha
Treble Clef Pencil- It's hard to use the eraser, but the pencil itself is fun and reflects my love of music!
Glass Giraffe figure- My twin bro got this for me.  I think it's cute too.
Floral Tea Set- My aunt gave this to me forever ago.  It's so girly, cute, and reminds me of her. :)

Spider Gem/Peacock Box (present packaging)- 
STORY:   In 10th grade, my biology project was to make a huge bug collection. While looking for bugs one night, I saw a huge, long, creepy shadow moving across the sidewalk.  I looked closer, and found it was an enormous black widow.  The abdomen was shiny, so I knew it was poisonous.  My bro caught it in a jar for me.  It made a web overnight and the next morning, we saw her stomach and my guess was confirmed: It was a massive black widow.

I decided to keep it as a "pet" and I named her BIG MAMA.  I actually adored her, but never opened the jar (bros fed her outside, not me) but while in her jar, I loved looking at her, watching her fiddle with her web, or with her feet... She was really gorgeous and truly massive- beyond giant.

I brought her to my biology teacher soon after and he told me how insanely rare Big Mama's size was.  He was impressed that I found her, and if I remember right, he gave me extra credit.  Long story short, Big Mama eventually died.  My mom got me this beautiful spider gem (a bit smaller than Big Mama) in remembrance of Big Mama and the temporary fun we had together.  <3 ya Big Mama!

Disclaimer: I HATE spiders, and I have a special shoe with the only purpose of squashing them.  But Big Mama, (who'd have thought?!) was actually sooo interesting, I liked watching her, and kept her even though she was sooo dangerous and creepy looking.  I was crazy in 10th grade, okay?  :) But the story is awesome!


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    1. Oh thanks so much! :) I'm following yours now! :)

  2. Cute blog! (:

  3. I don't really have anything interesting apart from a singing fish :S
    Ahh, spiders I'm so scared of them. Pretty much sure my feet were made for squishing spiders no matter the size :D

    1. Singing fish?? Like the "Don't worry, be happy" fish?? Oh trust me I hate spiders too. 10th grade was just weird for me! lol :)

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