Thursday, July 7, 2011

Graduation Outfit Haul

I’ve finally graduated from highschool and I needed a legit graduation ensemble.  My mom and I went all over the mall to find the necessary items for possible outfits:

Dillard’s –Calvin Klein –electric blue cardigan
Nordstrom –Adrianna Papell –knee length white pleated dress
Payless –American Eagle –white knot wedges
Sephora –Urban Decay –eye shadow Primer Potion in Sin
JC Penny’s –Nine & Co. –white flower heel sandal
Rue 21 –grey sheer leggings, white sheer leggings, white knit flats, black flower flats
Dillard’s –Jody –knee length white and gold dress
Down East Basics –white half sleeve, classic tee, (2) camisoles 
 In the end, my outfit consisted of the blue cardigan, knee length white pleated dress, and white knot wedges.  

Dress To Fit The Occasion

(Disclaimer: This is entirely my opinion- not a set-in-stone rule.)

Year after year, I see so many young ladies wear the wrong outfit to an event.  For example: girls have worn Sunday best outfits to hardcore football games.  The clothing does NOT match the event.  One looks weird and out of place when sporting the wrong look.  I shall give four examples of suggestions:

1)      Church- sometimes girls wear leggings with their skirts.  I do the same, but when the skirt is too short, it appears like you’re only wearing leggings.  You don’t just 
          wear leggings and a top to church.  Have the respect and courtesy to wear a longer skirt to prove to people that you are actually wearing one.  The leggings should 
          be worn either at home, or in the dance studio.

2)      Fancy Dinner Date- when I’ve been to fancy restaurants, I’ve seen very pretty girls wear jeans!!  Just like attending a fancy instrumental music concert, one should 

         never wear jeans!  Instead, wear a skirt, dark slacks, or even an evening dress, but never jeans.  Jeans aren’t fancy.  Get it?

3)      Football Games- girls should wear pants and a top they don’t care a lot about.  Dirt, drinks, spit, and food can always get on your clothes during games like football.

         Don’t wear pearls, or high heels, or skirts, or expensive tops and cardigans.  Opt for the chic and casual.  

4)      Summer Trips- I don’t know why but some girls seem to want to wear everything they own only once during the summer and they’ll even wear winter sweaters and 

          fur boots!  It’s the middle of July!  If where you live is sunny, then ONLY wear the clothes that are made and meant for summer.  Don’t mix your season wardrobes

(Disclaimer: I am not any of these girls in these pictures.  Just saying though, these outfits are sooo cute!) 
NOT a football game outfit.     NOT a summer outfit.      NOT a fancy date outfit.

My Shower Routine

First I brush my hair back and turn the water on to warm/hot.  I get my hair and face all wet.  I then get any extra makeup/mascara off my face using a regular washcloth.  I get some conditioner (I’m currently using Herbal Essenses Hello Hydration) and run it through my hair.  

Then I get a dime size amount of St. Ive’s Apricot Scrub in Invigorating and gently massage it on my face.  I rinse it off and then I get some shampoo (I’m currently using Suave Refreshing Waterfall Mist, although I haven’t found the best shampoo that’s right for me) and I scrub that into my scalp.  

I then get some of the lather on my hands, put it on my underarms and shave my pits.  Then I rinse all of my hair.  Then I get a dime size amount of Neutrogena Facial Cleanser and gently massage it onto my face.  

I rinse my face and hair a second time and usually towel dry myself off and finish.  Sometimes I’ll shave my legs with Skintimate Raspberry Rain and rub some Nivea A Kiss of Happiness Body Moisturizer over my arms and elbows.

Once I’ve dried myself off, I put on deodorant, (Secret), use three q-tips to clean my ears. I grab a brush and get my hair gathered in the back.  I take a giant hair claw and put my hair up.  I will sometimes put Jergen’s Gradual Tanning Lotion on my legs.  And I’m done!  Total time is about 40 minutes. 

Hairstyles: Buns & Twists

My favorite hairstyle is probably the elegant bun/twist.  It shows your romantic side, your long slender neck, and it’s a feminine style to get your hair up and out of the way.  Here are some ways to wrap it up to a gorgeous ‘do:
  • Divide a low pony into four sections.  Pin each section back into the base of the pony for a cool knotted look.
  • Twist a two-inch piece of hair and tuck it into a messy bun to give it a fun update.
  • Separate your hair into three sections and create small elegant mini-buns down the back.
  • Slick hair back into a high bun, then add movement by pulling out a few pieces and pinning them to your scalp to create loops.
  • Apply gel and create two ponies on top of each other.  Twist and wrap them around each other to make an elongated bun.
  • Form a sleek knot, but add an edgy twist by letting the ends hang out.  Run pomade over the ends and your bangs for texture.
  • Spritz damp hair with a wave spray and let it air-dry, then gather the piecey waves into a cascading side bun.
  • Pull hair back into a pony, then twirl the hair under.  Create a coil with the ends and pin it close to one ear.
  • Braid a teeny-tiny braid into a high bun and leave the ends out for a graphic look.
  • Slick back the sides and keep the bun messy for a cool contrast of textures.

June 2011 Favorites


-Sex Symbol Aero Tanning Spray (instant temporary tan)

My friend let me borrow a can and it has done wonders for me.  I’m extremely white and this instant tanner is truly                                                                                                                              a tanner- not an “orange-r.”  
-Jamba Juice in Banana Berry OF COURSE
I love Jamba Juice SOOOO much.  I don’t drink coffee, but if I could, I would have jamba juice every morning!  
-Jessica Simpson Perfume in Fancy
I got a mini one from Burlington Coat Factory for around $8 and it’s great!  I put it in my bag and it doesn’t take much room, and I smell fabulous!
-Female Country Artists (Carrie Underwood, Faith Hill)
 I've decided that my singing style is more country than anything else.  That’s why I’ve been listening to more easy-country artists.  
-Seventeen Magazine
I've always been a fan of this magazine and May’s issue (and June/July’s issue) are wonderful.  I love looking at them every time!
-Gypsy (my cat)
My baby lumpkins is such a darling.  I have her with me in my room for several hours a day and that’s probably why my mom got a little litter box to put up there.
-Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion in Sin
I got this a few days ago and it’s truly incredible!  I’ve never gotten makeup over $20 but this product is great!  The only thing I don’t like about it is that product is 
always slowly coming out of the bottle even when I’m not pushing it to come out.  Maybe there’s just so much product in the bottle so that you get your money’s worth.  Hopefully it’ll stop soon haha I don’t want to waste any of the product because it’s SOOO spectacular.  The day of graduation, I stayed up well over 20 hours and my eyeshadow didn't crease or smudge AT ALL.  This product is a must-buy.  Save up.  It’s that good.   
-Maybelline Mascara “Full ‘N’ Soft”
Currently, the natural look is IN this year and my lashes look exactly what this mascara says.  They are indeed full and soft.  I absolutely love this look!
I like to record covers for fun and experience so this website has been a great help in getting me instant music and karaoke tracks.  There are sooo many options
to choose from and you can change the key up or down.  It’s very handy.  
-Spring flowers
Who doesn’t love springtime flowers?  The colors are beautiful and the scents are lovely!      
-Pastel color Nail Polish
Pastel colors look great on probably every skin tone and they're so sweet and simple.
Before school ended for me, I played dodgeball a lot of the time in my fitness class and my team would always win.  I’m SOOO competitive when it comes to 
games like that.  I completely forget that I’m burning calories and working out while I play.  I enjoy working out only when it has something to do game-wise.  
-Big sunglasses
My brothers may say I look like a bug, but I will ALWAYS love and wear big sunglasses.  They’re so chic and sophisticated!  They remind me of summer.  

Spring/Summer 2011 Nail Polishes

Spring: pastels, nudes, pinks, champagnes, soft grays, light browns, lilacs.

Summer: hot pinks, lime greens, bright reds, yellows, electric blues, oranges and purples

Expanding Your Wardrobe Options With What You Already Own

First off, it would be useful to already have the basics (jeans, black skirt, belt, simple tops, skirts, etc.)

I don’t think most girls can or should buy an article of clothing per day or whatever, but I think all girls should have an outfit plan to make it seem like they have more than they actually do.  Here’s how I do it:
            -Already know the clothes and the cutest outfits you own and map out what days you’ll wear each piece.
            -Swap black pants for white!  Instant change!
            -Accessories can make all the difference.  Switch around shoes (tennis shoes vs. heels), switch around bags (yellow sling vs. purple background), wear statement

             necklaces and bracelets and have different hair accessories.
            -Scarfs are great!  They can cover up shirt designs, and give a new splash of color!  (Hopefully you already own a few.)
You know how phones only have 1 to 9 on them, but there are thousands of phone number combinations?  Do this with your clothes [correctly] and I’m sure you’ll become more satisfied with what you’ve got in your closet.  

Hairstyles: Waves & Curls

Although I am not a fan of curling irons, I’m sure some of you ladies are.  I adore the curled hair look and I think it’s the most flattering hairdo.  Here are some things you can do; for work, school, or dates:
  • Use a small curling iron to get tight goddess-like curls all over.  Hairspray.
  • Gather loose wavy hair into a low side pony to show off texture and a pretty cascade.
  • Wrap random sections of hair around a curling iron for a loose wave and make a low messy bun.  Pull out any loose strands.  Hairspray.
  • Pull hair into a ponytail, then pin random curls to the scalp, letting the rest fall around your face in a pretty boho way.
  • Use sponge rollers to create soft curls.
  • Make loose curls with a large curling iron.  Flip head over and run fingers through them to break them up a bit.
  • Apply a curl-enhancing spray to damp hair, then dry with a diffuser.  Sweep bangs to the side and secure with a bobby pin or clip.
  • Gather hair into a high ponytail. Take small random sections and coil it tightly.  Pin to head with a bobby pin and repeat.  Hairspray.