Thursday, July 7, 2011

June 2011 Favorites


-Sex Symbol Aero Tanning Spray (instant temporary tan)

My friend let me borrow a can and it has done wonders for me.  I’m extremely white and this instant tanner is truly                                                                                                                              a tanner- not an “orange-r.”  
-Jamba Juice in Banana Berry OF COURSE
I love Jamba Juice SOOOO much.  I don’t drink coffee, but if I could, I would have jamba juice every morning!  
-Jessica Simpson Perfume in Fancy
I got a mini one from Burlington Coat Factory for around $8 and it’s great!  I put it in my bag and it doesn’t take much room, and I smell fabulous!
-Female Country Artists (Carrie Underwood, Faith Hill)
 I've decided that my singing style is more country than anything else.  That’s why I’ve been listening to more easy-country artists.  
-Seventeen Magazine
I've always been a fan of this magazine and May’s issue (and June/July’s issue) are wonderful.  I love looking at them every time!
-Gypsy (my cat)
My baby lumpkins is such a darling.  I have her with me in my room for several hours a day and that’s probably why my mom got a little litter box to put up there.
-Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion in Sin
I got this a few days ago and it’s truly incredible!  I’ve never gotten makeup over $20 but this product is great!  The only thing I don’t like about it is that product is 
always slowly coming out of the bottle even when I’m not pushing it to come out.  Maybe there’s just so much product in the bottle so that you get your money’s worth.  Hopefully it’ll stop soon haha I don’t want to waste any of the product because it’s SOOO spectacular.  The day of graduation, I stayed up well over 20 hours and my eyeshadow didn't crease or smudge AT ALL.  This product is a must-buy.  Save up.  It’s that good.   
-Maybelline Mascara “Full ‘N’ Soft”
Currently, the natural look is IN this year and my lashes look exactly what this mascara says.  They are indeed full and soft.  I absolutely love this look!
I like to record covers for fun and experience so this website has been a great help in getting me instant music and karaoke tracks.  There are sooo many options
to choose from and you can change the key up or down.  It’s very handy.  
-Spring flowers
Who doesn’t love springtime flowers?  The colors are beautiful and the scents are lovely!      
-Pastel color Nail Polish
Pastel colors look great on probably every skin tone and they're so sweet and simple.
Before school ended for me, I played dodgeball a lot of the time in my fitness class and my team would always win.  I’m SOOO competitive when it comes to 
games like that.  I completely forget that I’m burning calories and working out while I play.  I enjoy working out only when it has something to do game-wise.  
-Big sunglasses
My brothers may say I look like a bug, but I will ALWAYS love and wear big sunglasses.  They’re so chic and sophisticated!  They remind me of summer.  

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