Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dress To Fit The Occasion

(Disclaimer: This is entirely my opinion- not a set-in-stone rule.)

Year after year, I see so many young ladies wear the wrong outfit to an event.  For example: girls have worn Sunday best outfits to hardcore football games.  The clothing does NOT match the event.  One looks weird and out of place when sporting the wrong look.  I shall give four examples of suggestions:

1)      Church- sometimes girls wear leggings with their skirts.  I do the same, but when the skirt is too short, it appears like you’re only wearing leggings.  You don’t just 
          wear leggings and a top to church.  Have the respect and courtesy to wear a longer skirt to prove to people that you are actually wearing one.  The leggings should 
          be worn either at home, or in the dance studio.

2)      Fancy Dinner Date- when I’ve been to fancy restaurants, I’ve seen very pretty girls wear jeans!!  Just like attending a fancy instrumental music concert, one should 

         never wear jeans!  Instead, wear a skirt, dark slacks, or even an evening dress, but never jeans.  Jeans aren’t fancy.  Get it?

3)      Football Games- girls should wear pants and a top they don’t care a lot about.  Dirt, drinks, spit, and food can always get on your clothes during games like football.

         Don’t wear pearls, or high heels, or skirts, or expensive tops and cardigans.  Opt for the chic and casual.  

4)      Summer Trips- I don’t know why but some girls seem to want to wear everything they own only once during the summer and they’ll even wear winter sweaters and 

          fur boots!  It’s the middle of July!  If where you live is sunny, then ONLY wear the clothes that are made and meant for summer.  Don’t mix your season wardrobes

(Disclaimer: I am not any of these girls in these pictures.  Just saying though, these outfits are sooo cute!) 
NOT a football game outfit.     NOT a summer outfit.      NOT a fancy date outfit.

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