Thursday, July 7, 2011

Expanding Your Wardrobe Options With What You Already Own

First off, it would be useful to already have the basics (jeans, black skirt, belt, simple tops, skirts, etc.)

I don’t think most girls can or should buy an article of clothing per day or whatever, but I think all girls should have an outfit plan to make it seem like they have more than they actually do.  Here’s how I do it:
            -Already know the clothes and the cutest outfits you own and map out what days you’ll wear each piece.
            -Swap black pants for white!  Instant change!
            -Accessories can make all the difference.  Switch around shoes (tennis shoes vs. heels), switch around bags (yellow sling vs. purple background), wear statement

             necklaces and bracelets and have different hair accessories.
            -Scarfs are great!  They can cover up shirt designs, and give a new splash of color!  (Hopefully you already own a few.)
You know how phones only have 1 to 9 on them, but there are thousands of phone number combinations?  Do this with your clothes [correctly] and I’m sure you’ll become more satisfied with what you’ve got in your closet.  

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