Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hairstyles: Buns & Twists

My favorite hairstyle is probably the elegant bun/twist.  It shows your romantic side, your long slender neck, and it’s a feminine style to get your hair up and out of the way.  Here are some ways to wrap it up to a gorgeous ‘do:
  • Divide a low pony into four sections.  Pin each section back into the base of the pony for a cool knotted look.
  • Twist a two-inch piece of hair and tuck it into a messy bun to give it a fun update.
  • Separate your hair into three sections and create small elegant mini-buns down the back.
  • Slick hair back into a high bun, then add movement by pulling out a few pieces and pinning them to your scalp to create loops.
  • Apply gel and create two ponies on top of each other.  Twist and wrap them around each other to make an elongated bun.
  • Form a sleek knot, but add an edgy twist by letting the ends hang out.  Run pomade over the ends and your bangs for texture.
  • Spritz damp hair with a wave spray and let it air-dry, then gather the piecey waves into a cascading side bun.
  • Pull hair back into a pony, then twirl the hair under.  Create a coil with the ends and pin it close to one ear.
  • Braid a teeny-tiny braid into a high bun and leave the ends out for a graphic look.
  • Slick back the sides and keep the bun messy for a cool contrast of textures.

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