Saturday, May 5, 2012

It's One of Those Weeks...

Mother Nature's monthly gifts aren't fun, wanted, or convenient.  It's a pain and just overall bothersome.  But during this uncomfortable 4-7 days, I think some pampering and comfort for ourselves is what makes these days bearable.  Here are some things that are helpful for us girls!
(Click to Enlarge)
Pillows- I LOVE my big electric blue fluffy pillow
Blankets- cotton blankets and electric-heat blankets are very comfortable.
Pets- My baby Gypsy is the cutest thing!  Just look at her!  Awhh. :)
Cute Mugs- to drink applejuice
Soup- w/ crackers calms the stomach 
Heavy Duty Lip Balm Treatment- (my lips suffer during this week)
Ibuprofen- (pain-relievers in general)
Treats!- I got this 75% off chocolate Easter bunny a few days ago and am saving it for this occasion- which will be soon.


  1. Campbells soup is to die for! I love your mug it's so cute as is Gypsy!