Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is today! :)  I'm so happy!  My mom is the type of person you'd imagine living in a gorgeous cottage with cats, in France.  Haha- so, here are some things I did for my mom: I wrote a mini message and taped it to her door, I gave her the blue fabric magnet (pictured above), an intense pink card, a scented candle called Soft Cotton Blanket, my brothers and I gave her breakfast in bed, and gave her flowers. What did you give your mom?  :) Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Hey Em! Would you mind checking out our blog? yours is absolutely amazing! It would mean a lot if you could take a peep and maybe even follow. We started recently and we have not been able to get our blog "out there" Thanks! Xx

    1. Guess what?! I'm already subscribed to your blog- getting emails whenever you post something. However, would you like me to change that and become a member??