Sunday, June 24, 2012

Review: Fructis Curl Shaping Spray Gel

Price: $3
Packaging: Sturdy, simple bottle with easy spray top.
Texture/Consistency: Very longlasting, not too sticky, very holdable.  Honestly, spray gel is unrealistically amazing.  Kudos to the inventors.
Smell: Fresh, not too overpowering, can easily use perfume after use.
Pros: For these few months now, I have sprayed this on my air-dried hair and braided it differing sizes.  After a few hours (I sleep with it in but the waves are created between 3-4 hours minimum.)  It creates gorgeous, frizz-free waves perfect for this season.
Cons: The spray nozzle occasionally gets jammed/plugged and it's difficult to push the button down, but only sometimes.
Overall: 5/5
It's so easy!  I recommend this to everyone!  Plus there's so much product in the bottle, you can use it for at least 2 months if you use it daily, and for only $3!  A serious, and smart steal!

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