Sunday, June 24, 2012

What's In My Purse

Yellow Purse: From last year's carnival- bought at a tent -bags are handmade and one of a kind, for very cheap

Keys: you can guess what for.
Water Bottle: I love my Fiji bottle because it's the perfect size and it's a boxier-shape than other water bottles. 
Entertainer's Secret Spray: I sing all the time and this spray keeps my throat from getting dry and worn out.  Demi Lovato uses it too, just saying.
iPod: My baby with the songs I know and love.  There's still tons of space for movies, tv show clips, and more music.  :P
Wallet: Holds my Driver's License, college ID, Business cards... sometimes money.
Pens: For jotting anything down that I may need to.
Various Notebooks: Yellow one is for songwriting ideas and the Black & White is for immediate goal setting.
Pleasure Book: P.S. I Love You is my favorite book to read.  It's so amazing and has you entertained for all 400+ pages of it. 
Mini Lotion: I'm currently loving White Citrus from Bath and Body Works.  It's sometimes better than a mini perfume because it also moisturizes the skin.
Mini Hairspray: L'Oreal's Elnett is great not just for the product quality, but also for it's mini sizes. Great for the fastest touchups ever.
Hair Ties: Bright, fun, non-tearing bands are great for if I ever need to put my hair up and away from my face (which is almost daily)
Powder: I use Physician's Formula Mineral Wear Powder because it responds great to my skin and there's no way the lid will pop off and make a mess in my bag.
Hair Clip: This flower clip is my favorite to use because it's so versatile- look and color.
Powder Brush: Easy to keep in it's little lid compartment so as not to lose the shape of the brush.
LipGloss: Every girl should have their favorite lip color in their bag.  My current favorite is (surprisingly) Bonnebelle's lipLites in Cappuccino (a beautiful natural brown shade) -and no, I'm not a coffee-drinker. :)
Concealor: MAJOR important thing to keep in my bag.  Also very explanatory.
A Couple Lipsticks: Rimmel London's Kate collection lipstick in 014 and Mac's lipstick in Hue are great shades to keep in your bag for an every day use.

Got any blog posts about what's in YOUR purse?

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  1. I loved this post! I carry in my bag some of that things too, but what's interesting is that we both have the same Ipod, I love it! It has a lot of space and it works really really good! I've just started this week with my blog and it would so cool if you took a look at it :)