Friday, April 27, 2012

Spring/Summer Beauty Musthaves 2012

Everyone should know the basic beauty musthaves, so I've included some extra products to enjoy during our sun-filled activities!
  • SPF Sunscreen- Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 100+ is the ultimate epic sunscreen!  It's perfect for my sensitive skin.
  • Silver Eyeshadow- I love NYX's Smokey 10 Eye Palette.  Every color is highly pigmented and there are multiple shades of silver to use.  Silver is an overall gorgeous color and under the sun, it'll look amazing!

  • Coral Nail Polish- This color on your nails will compliment all skin tones, and make you feel like a beauty summer goddess!  -or at least happier (haha)

  • Beachy Hair Waves Enhancers- There are so many options here.  I like Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Hairspray, Fructis Curl Shaping Spray Gel, Sunsilk Waves of Envy Sea Mist, Aussie Sprunch Catch the Wave Hairspray...  Beachy waves are the best summer hairstyles.  :)

  • Coconut Mango Body Lotion from Bath and Body Works- Leaves skin/legs so soft and moisturized!  It smells amazing and can leave your legs smooth for 2 days without reapplication!  It's great!

  • Shavers/Shave Gel- Skintimate Moisturizing Shave Gel in Luscious Kiwi Splash makes shaving so easy and safe!  You'll rarely cut yourself and the gel smells amazing!  Having summery smelling products just make Summer 10X better!

  • Self Tanner- To keep everything balanced and even, self tanner never hurt for help and touchups.  :)

  • Moisturizing SPF Lipbalm- I love Softlips in Raspberry SPF 20.  It's yummy, heavenly, and keep lips looking smooth!  Definite must for Summer!

  • Tinted Moisturizers- For some coverup, use a pea-size amount tinted moisturizer.  I use Physician's Formula Healthy Wear SPF 50.  

  • Vaseline- Ya never know!  If your swimsuit is cutting into your skin, rub some vaseline and it'll calm the pain!  It's really helpful!

  • Deodorant- Because of all the other sweet smelling summer beauty products, I'd go with a Sheer Clean scented deodorant.  That's just my opinion. :)  

  • Waterproof Mascara- L'Oreal's Voluminous Mascara.  I accidentally bought the waterproof one, and the mascara is phenomenal!  It stays on in water like none-other!!

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