Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Ultimate "Outfit Chart"

Before I saw any blogs about doing an Outfit Chart, I came up with this (UGLY) outfit calendar.  It is sooo difficult for me to decide what I'm going to wear each day, and go through all of my clothing and jewelry options that I have.  So I spent a weekend putting all of my clothes, jewelry, bags, and hairstyles together and a couple hours writing this outfit calendar.  WASN'T I DUMB!!
I saw some blog posts about a cute WEEKLY outfit chart that you can use over and over again, and it's so much simpler, cuter, funner, and easier to use!  That ugly chart was before.  Here's the simple chart after.
Ta Da!  Doesn't it look so fresh and not chaotic?  I feel really proud I made this in less than an hour, and I have my outfits charted to go through, (like a conveyor belt).  I currently have 5 months planned- rotating my outfits around so that I can use what I have to the fullest.  I'm grateful!  :)  

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