Monday, April 9, 2012

Books I'm Currently Loving~

 Sad to say, I don't like reading.  Sitting relatively still, in a quiet place, while your eyes go back and forth again and again is not my choice of free-time.  I'd rather do more "activity" type of things, or just watch a movie.  haha
But there are two books that I am loving right now:

If you haven't read "P.S. I Love You," do. it. now.  (Warning- there is strong language.)
The plot is amazing, and I'm reading it a second time through.  It makes me tear up several times. I really want to see the movie.  Cecelia Ahern is such a splendid author and I want to read more of her stuff.

I've just started reading "What Happy People Know" and it's actually quite fascinating.  It was a book my family already owned, so I thought I'd read a little bit of it- see if there's anything else I need to know to amp up my happiness in life, so it's an interesting book.

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