Friday, April 27, 2012

Bedtime Routines

Lately, I've been doing some new things before I hop into bed.
After I've showered, brushed my teeth, wash my face using Clinique, and put on chapstick, I'll rub a little lotion on my hands or spray body mist once on my neck.
I also can't go to bed without having some milk or applejuice.  I like using this Minnie Mouse mug I got for my mom from Disneyland, of course.  It's such a cute mug!  I also need my waterbottle on my nightstand. 
I'm either reading or writing before bed, and I've been listening to Kenny Loggins CD "Return to Pooh Corner."  The songs and music are so sweet and calming.  It makes me happy everytime I listen to it.  -One of my all time favorite albums.
I've also been going to bed between 3 & 5am.  I'm stopping that bad habit after I post this blog.  Like, right now. ;)

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