Friday, April 6, 2012

Summer 2012- Planning & Prepping & Goals OH MY!

For starters, last summer I only went swimming once.  How lame is that??
My biggest insecurity is my skin.  I'm very pale, & acne-prone, and that's never a blessing.  So during Spring/Summer, I tend to cover up and not do Summer-Fun activities.
(I don't tan-I BURN)
So- here are my goals for this season (based around the reason it's this season)
  • This summer, I'm going to try to get out of my hardcore comfort zone and go swimming, play volleyball, go long-boarding, wear shorts, and short-sleeved shirts.  (Yes, this can be a goal)
    Also, is there such a thing as waterproof foundation/concealor??
  • I have a YouTube account and need to start filling it up with music-singing videos.  I have a whole notebook filled out with 200+ ideas.  I need to get my studio lights and get a move on.
  • I need to find a job that's conveniently close to my home and start savin' up!
  • Who doesn't wanna hang out with friends more constantly during vacation??  I wanna do photoshoots, spontaneous (mini) roadtrips, pool parties, mock music videos, making cute foods and decorations etc...  I got some stuff to do yoh!  

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