Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Blogger Recognition

Atlantic-Pacific.blogspot.com -Her style and clothing choices are 100% exactly what I want my style to be.  I don't have a collection like hers, but her looks are the looks I love!  I love how chic, bright and amazing her outfits are.  I guess you could say she's my fashion inspiration in making outfits stand out more.  Go check her out!
wendyslookbook.com -This blogger also has great style and I like copying some of her choices.  One of my favorite looks she wore was with a blue blazer. It looks both effortless and yet well planned and dressed up.  Go check her out too!

Beauty blogs are so enjoyable for us girls.  It's so much fun to post these sort of blogs for others to see.  We like sharing, showing, and explaining things to each other.  It's really fun, girly, and I think satisfying.  :)  Blogs are awesome!! :)  Keep at it!

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