Friday, April 6, 2012

MY Trends

There are trends out there that I choose not to follow because of my personal opinion about them.
The hot pink lip look?  I don't like.  For my style and personality, I feel most confident, pretty, and satisfied with myself if I'm wearing nude lipstick shades, bronze and brown shades with some matching lipgloss.  On occasion, a pale rose pink, but I don't like the hot pink lip look.  It's just not my style.
The dramatic cat eyeliner look?  I also don't like.  It's too dramatic for me.  I don't want my eyeliner to be center stage, I want my eyecolor to be the main focus.  That's why I always do dark brown (regular) eyeliner and tons of mascara.  :)  Now that's me.

This might surprise a lot of girls out there, but I don't like wearing heels.  Never have, probably never will.
I'm 5'9" and prefer wearing flats (or being barefoot) every single day.  For school dances, church services, special parties, concerts, and events in general, I'm wearing me some mighty fine ballet flats.  I'm more confident if I can walk at my regular pace, and feel grounded.  That's my firm foundation.  ;)
Are there any popular trends that you don't follow?

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