Friday, April 20, 2012

Bag Collection

Top Row:
1. Blue Plaid Backpack- from Walmart, use for busy college days
2. Small Denim Rainbow design- from years ago, (don't use often)
3. Denim Striped Drawstring Bag- I made this senior year of highschool, (don't use often)
4. Sequined- twin brother gave to me years ago, (don't use often)
2nd Row:
1. Multi-Pattern- from Mom, use for fancy concerts & dates
2. Piano Bag- use for vocal lessons & school
3. Yellow- from booth at festival/parade (one of a kind), use for school, dates & errands
3rd Row:
1. Multi-Use InsideOut- from California/Mom, use for casual outtings w/ friends & errands
2. Crazy Random- from Grandma, use for dates, school & outtings
3. Brown Fringe- from Kohl's, use for everything
4th Row:
1. Red Ruffle- from family, use for errands & dates
2. Blue Celtic- from uncle from a Scottish Festival, use for everything
3. Zebra Print- from cousin, use for school

The bags I use the most are the Multi-Use InsideOut, Crazy Random, Brown Fringe, Blue Celtic & Zebra Print.  However, I love ALL these bags, and am so glad I have them!

Question: what's a cheap and cute way to store bags like these?  Right now, they're stacked in a pink plastic laundry bin. :P  Any suggestions?


  1. Where did you get your piano bag? I really really want one - it looks awesome!

    1. Actually it was given to me by someone who got it at a yard sale. :( So I don't know, but I'm sure if you google around, you should find some options- or you could create a DIY. :) I wish I could be of more help. G'luck!