Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hairstyles: Volume



I’ve seen some girls with surprisingly funny hairdos when trying the “volume” look.  But here is a list of ways to do this look without looking funny:
  • Tease hair on top and secure into a high pouf.  Leave the rest of your hair messy-wavy.
  • Set hair in hot rollers and brush out for soft, glamorous volume.
  • Dry your hair and away from your head, directing the air at the roots to create pretty lift all over.
  • Create a messy bun, and then place two headbands four inches apart.  Lift the hair up between them to make a cool bump.
  • Separate two-inch sections of hair starting at the top, and tease each section outward to create and build volume all over.
  • Tease hair everywhere to give it texture, then pull it halfway through an elastic to create a low side loop.
  • For bouncy curls, run gel through damp hair, then flip your head over and dry with a diffuser. 
  • Make a deep side part, and then tease hair at your crown to get dramatic height.
  • Tease your pony to give it the body, then cinch into graphic bubbles with two small rubber bands.

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