Friday, June 17, 2011

Facebook Image Tips

Facebook is a great site for sharing photos, videos, info, and conversions, but it’s also a site where one can destroy their “Image.”  You’ll want to match who you are “live,” and who you are “online.”  Here are some suggestions to have a positive image on Facebook:
  • No matter how angry you may feel about something, DO NOT vent or complain about it online for people to see.  If you need to write about it, do it in a private notebook or use Microsoft Word documents.
  • Friends can put up some ugly pictures of others and sometimes those pics can be embarrassing.  De-Tag those pictures of yourself and only have pictures up that you feel happy and confident about.
  • Delete the “Recent Activity” evidence so that people can see more of you and the things others post on your wall.  Your profile will be more interesting to view. 

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