Friday, June 17, 2011

Party Ideas

I love parties but sometimes it seems like they’re all the same.  Here are some Go-The-Extra-Mile party ideas for those who want to make their parties more fun and unique:
  • Hollywood Glam
After the boys leave, you and your girlies can get out your favorite makeup and hair products.  Its fun to pamper each other and then take glamour shots of everyone.  Post the pictures on Facebook; tag the boys that were there previously, and make them jealous they couldn’t have stayed.  Voila!
  • Secret Agent Night Games
Have your guests wear black clothing.  Get together at sunset.  Have each person come up with their own secret agent code name and play a name game to memorize them.  Play Fugitive, Sardines, Murder In The Dark… the options are endless.  Have fun!
  • Movie Marathon
Harry Potter, Twilight, Star Wars, Anne of Green Gables, Indiana Jones, Disney Movies, ClickFlicks, Pirates of the Caribbean- Get some friends, popcorn, and beanbags together and watch movie after movie after movie…. 
  • Breakfast Bash
7am, Wakin’ up in the morning.   Carpool to Village Inn, a friend’s house, Pancake Café, etc... and enjoy some hot ‘n’ delicious breakfast with all your closest buddies.  Bon Appetite!
  • Flashmob Madness
I can’t believe most people don’t know what a flashmob is.  I did it with my senior class at graduation.  We “interrupted” our senior class president’s remarks and all sang and danced to Glee’s version of “Don’t Stop Believin.”  It was a HUGE hit!  Get ideas from our guests and then plan what you’ll do and where.  I’ve seen Lightsaber battles in the mall, to singing a song in a grocery store!  Be creative, and film your flashmob!  Put it on Youtube!
  • Holiday Theme
Christmas=sweaters.  Halloween=costumes.  St.Patrick’s Day=green.  Valentine’s Day=reds/pinks.   July 4th=reds/whites/blues, etc…
  • White Elephant Exchange
You’ve got presents!  Have everyone bring a present (funny, lame, cute, cool) and disguise the shape and size of each package.  Sit in one big circle and play White Elephant.  Once the timer rings, everyone opens their presents.  Hopefully you didn’t get something dumb!
  • Disco Skating
My favorite time period is the 70s.  Go to Classic Skating dressed up in your favorite time period!  Wear afro wigs, bell bottoms, long necklaces, and silk shirts.  Peace out!
  • Scavenger Hunts
These are popular where I live!  Carpool to different places around your city/town.  Have a list of things you can do (the funnier, the better).  Example: steal a fry and eat it.  Example: hug a random stranger, etc… Have a parent or friend videotape your wacky adventures!

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