Friday, June 17, 2011

Good Sleeping Tips

Sometimes I have trouble sleeping.  Who doesn’t?  Here are some ways you can go to sleep sooner as opposed to later:
1) Shut your eyes.  If you keep your eyes shut, you’ll automatically fall asleep sooner.
2) Listen to calming music.  I find instrumental ballads work more efficiently.  Keep the volume low.
3) Turn off as many lights as possible.  You’ll feel more ready to have a good night sleep.
4) Do whatever thing is nagging you.  I find that if I’m not satisfied with something, I have to do it before I go to sleep so that its off my mind.  

If you absolutely can’t sleep no matter what you try, ask your doctor about using a medication like Melatonin.  It’s completely safe and will let you have a peaceful night.  Getting a good night sleep is extremely important.  Happy ZZZZs.